Beware of IYF Camps Part 2

In Part 1 of these series, I provided an introduction about IYF and gave a brief survey of their dangerous practices and teachings. I promised to delve deeper into their mind control propaganda as narrated by those who attended IYF’s camps.

‘The process of “brainwashing” can be extremely subtle, and most of the victims of mind control are willing participants every step of the way.’ 

Mind Control and Manipulation

IYF is well known for its ‘English Camps’, which, supposedly bring together people, especially the young, who would like a volunteer experience of teaching the English language to those in a non-English speaking culture. The purpose of their camps, as explained on their website is ‘to instill a healthy mindset that allows students to break free from themselves and experience true change in their lives’ (italics mine). The Theme for this year’s camp at Makerere University Freedom Square implicitly puts it, ‘Changed Mind, Changed Life: 2017 National Mind Education Camp’.

The main aim of these camps is to target minds. The way they achieve this however is rather troubling. To quote one former attendee (in an article found here),

“Often they claim they are hosting something innocuous like a “non-denominational Christian retreat”. Often the venue is in a remote location which makes opting out difficult. The subsequent controlled environment resembles a lot of corporate retreats with a few differences. If possible, subjects are provided with minimal calories – especially protein – and at the same time, constant group activities using peer pressure to minimize sleeping time. On the 3rd or 4th day when most subjects are physically and mentally exhausted, they may be invited to “relax” and meditate; around this point, the cult’s true philosophies may come out in the form of a hypnotic recorded lecture. Not everyone gets “hooked” but many do – and indicate later (if they get de-programmed) that it was the start of the “brainwashing”.”

In 2012, Malachy F. Cleary Jr. was enticed into joining one of the ‘English Camp’ that was to take place in Mexico, as a volunteer, after reading a flier someone passed to him. Excited at the prospect, he and a friend sought to join, promised $300 each to cater for their transport, room and board. On joining, they found themselves confined to a hotel outside Dallas, ‘sleeping five and six people per room, and being awoken at 5:30 a.m. for a full day of what ostensibly was teacher training in preparation for the camp in Monterrey, Mexico.’

Jim Dwyer in his article published by New York Times explains the traumatizing ordeal of Mr. Malachy and his comrade, and I quote:

‘Speaking in Korean, Mr. Park delivered talks that often ran two hours or more, to a group of 1,600 people, about 400 of whom were connected with the camp and had traveled from as far as Alaska to volunteer. Associates gave supplementary “Mind Lectures” on biblical passages as interpreted by Mr. Park, who asserts that the human heart is lodged with “filth and evil.”’

There were security guards at the hotel room to prevent anyone from leaving, and ‘volunteers who turned up late for 6 a.m. sessions of calisthenics and group massage were ordered to perform squat thrust exercises’, while ‘many of the rooms had five or six people sleeping in them, and often only one trusted person, a captain, was given a key’. Whoever tried to leave the lecture room was shamed as one who doesn’t have ‘an open heart’.

Steve, commenting about the same, on the article What led me out of Good News Mission says:

I attended the GNM and IYF for a while and I found that they have many characteristics that are associated with a cult-like group. They are very controlling and all decisions must go through the pastor. Members are told they are 100% evil and they will quote Genesis 6:5. They will also use phrases (such) as ‘throw out your thoughts, because your thoughts are evil’. When you disagree with a pastor, pastor’s wife or leader in the group then you will hear these types of phrases. They will quote a bible verse (with) these phrases but it is used out of context. The pastor will advise you (about) what car to buy, school to attend, where to live, what job to pursue, how to raise your family and who to marry. Dating is not permitted and arranged marriages are practiced. They separate men and women during activities, worship, duties, etc… Women must obey and always be under a man. You must follow the pastor no matter what, no questions asked. Even if the pastor is wrong you must follow, that is what they call faith. On the surface, they seem like a good organization but once you attend you will clearly see how controlling they are. If you fall into this group you will lose your current friends and you will become more distant from family. They worship Ock Soo Park and hold him at a prophet like status. Beware of this group!

The Death of the Mind and the Threat of Ostracizing

Brainwashing is what IYF and GNM are about. Under the disguise of Christianity, IYF aims at mind control of our youth, indoctrinating them into hypnotic trance, ridding them of self-control, critical thinking and loving God with their minds. This is how they ‘instill a healthy mindset that allows students to break free from themselves and experience true change in their lives’, and this how they broaden ‘the hearts and minds of students to come together to share their hearts with others and uniting under one spirit of cohesion’.

They forbid independent thinking, but appeal to you on the grounds that they want to broaden our heart and mind if you attend their camps. One needs to see the contradiction between their philosophy for Change and that for Cohesion. In one, they want you to ‘break free from yourself’, on the other they want to broaden your mind.

But that’s not all. When a member wants to leave GNM church, they are threatened and Ostracized. This member remarked (here):

“When I requested to be allowed to go see my parents I was told that my family are those in the mission school. I asked to be allowed to go preach to my mum and they said my mum is God’s business and I should not care. I made it clear I’m leaving. They told me the dangers of leaving the church. A guy “who followed his thoughts” and left the church and as a result broke his arm had a “spiritual discussion” with me. I made it clearer that I’m leaving come what may. They insisted a brother or two must accompany me. I made it clear no one was invited. They put me under surveillance. I sneaked. Of course [I had] no money for transport. Thank God, a missionary from UK gave me cash and I left Nairobi. Good News pastors forbid people from reasoning while they use reasoning to show you why you should not reason.”

Everyone who has been there but no longer under their leadership speaks of the same experience. Mind control is the end goal of IYF, and it’s a pity that they have persuaded our Minister of Education to allow their philosophy into our education Curriculum. Mrs. Janet Museveni has spoken occasionally on these mind control camps, which target education institutions mostly, and they are using her to further their agenda. They are a cult, they are dangerous, they are Satanic.


It is helpful for us to remember that when an organization 1. Claims that believers don’t sin, 2. Forbids independent thinking, 3. Threatens those who want to leave, 4. Starves you during camping as a trainee, forbids you from leaving the camp so as to starve, and then hypnotizes you so as to preach to you, 5. Praises the leader above Christ, and their leader’s books above scripture, 6. Fails to establish roots and connections with the mainline churches; such an organization is a cult. I think I have done my part, the rest is up to you.