Focused on Eternity

For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly shall perish. Psalm 1:6

There is a certainty with which the judgement of the wicked is fixed. Those who have found refuge in Christ should be aware of this, lest they fret and are anxious when they see the wicked prosper in their schemes.

The paths of the righteous and the wicked are marked out by the Lord, and they don’t have the same destination. Many a believer have pondered on this seeming paradox, when they see the heathen prosperous and themselves not.

But this is a misunderstanding. To prosper as a Christian differs greatly from how the heathen prospers, the same way the destinations of both differ greatly. If a man were to build a temporal house and I a permanent one, shall I be concerned with what materials and for how long he takes to build his temporal abode? For it should not trouble me, though he mocks my supposed lack of progress, for our standards differ as far as the east is from the west.

The blessedness of the righteous man as explained in the first three verses deals with things not quantifiable, for that is the abundance the believer has. But why would I give up the non quantifiable treasure for one that a mere calculator can calculate and a mere weighing machine can weigh?

There is an end, and each one of us is storing. If this world will burn, what will happen to the stuff men keep in it? Brethren, let us not be discouraged at the apparent success of another, for who set your neighbor as the standard for your blessedness? Isn’t Christ enough for us? It is in view of this reality, that we reject the counsel of the ungodly, the path of pathetic and the sit of the scornful.

When we understand the wealth in Christ that eyes cannot see, our delight shall be in the Law of the Lord!