Amidst the daily noise around me, You speak
With a forceful nudge my hardened walls You breach
Recoiled into my dead heart You find me
Insistent on my idolatry You still reach me

Consumed by that which perishes
Because I oft let my desires run loose
I grope as one in the dark, I am stuck
I am lost and I have lost myself, my soul
But still You stick, and You speak

In the frenzy, in the panics, in my confusions, You speak
In my lost identity, in my false pretensions
You are still gracious and full of compassion
My heart longs for You, revive my passion

Revive me according to Your mercies
Cleanse me from all my messes
Cause me to listen when You speak
For You speak to those You seek, those that are sick

So let the sunrise bring me glad tidings
Hatched in my darkest moments
Let the birds sing me a sweet melody
And tell of the cross my remedy
Speak Lord, I am ready, I am listening!